Once upon a time, in the land of childhood memories and tasty surprises, a magical brown paper package would arrive every Christmas from Jamaica. It was filled with tantalising treats that could never be found in the 1960s. Among the treasures, there was a succulent aromatic black cake, infused with white rum and sherry, a bottle of Wray & Nephew and ackee (a national dish).  But the crown jewel of all delights was the enchanting Sorrel drink (Hibiscus & Ginger), made from the rare red hibiscus flower that only bloomed from November to January.

As the years passed, and the elders who bestowed us with Sorrel journeyed beyond, I found myself longing for that same authentic taste. Alas, the Sorrel available in the few shops that stocked it just didn't measure up. And to my dismay, the beverage choices in restaurants, cafés, and takeaways (which always included canned carbonated drinks with questionable ingredients) were uninspiring as I yearned for something healthier and more exciting.

Driven by curiosity and a determination to resurrect the taste of my childhood, I turned to my wise Aunt for guidance on Sorrel-making secrets. Armed with her wisdom, I embarked on a grand adventure. I distributed samples and questionnaires to offices where my friends worked and even braved the small summer fetes. The response was overwhelming, and it fuelled my confidence to convince a local takeaway to give my creations a chance. And so, my journey continued, birthing five delectable flavours. Two of them even garnered prestigious Great Taste Awards, a feat I'm immensely proud of considering I was a one-person show, competing against industry giants. My Real Lemonade came to life, inspired by cherished memories of my Mum's homemade Lemonade. For those with a more refined palate, I crafted Lime & Ginger, a homage to my love for ginger, brimming with an invigorating kick.
I was often asked at Food Festivals whether I had ginger beer. Once again, I sought counsel from my wise Aunt, and Jamaican Ginger Beer was born, bubbling with fiery goodness. And since I love to embark on flavours adventures, I blended the zesty trio of Orange, Lemon, and Lime, birthing the delightful Citrus Fusion. Both Citrus Fusion and Lemonade have become favourites among children and adults alike, spreading joy sip by sip. Every flavour has undergone rigorous laboratory testing to ensure safety and shelf life.

To stay in tune with the industry's developments and regulations, I proudly joined the esteemed ranks of the British Soft Drinks Association. At ZEST Fruit Drinks, we firmly believe that what we consume shapes our health and happiness. That's why we pour our hearts and minds into crafting soft drink beverages that are free from anything but natural ingredients, bursting with flavours: 'minimum ingredients – maximum taste.

'Now, it's your turn to join the ZEST Fruit Drinks adventure! Share your experience and indulge us with tales of your favourite flavours. Do you mix them with other tantalising concoctions or create fabulous cocktails? We'd love to hear from you, so leave a review and engage with us on Facebook or Instagram. Together, let's savour the magic of ZEST Fruit Drinks!